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Please complete the following registration form to enable you to apply for future vacancies. Once you have registered you will be able to keep your details up-to-date using the [update your profile] area. All the information you enter into your Profile will be automatically copied into each of your applications. Fully completing your Profile section will save you a lot of time and effort when applying for the available vacancies. Please be aware that you are unable to copy and paste text from other applications such as Microsoft word. Gender information is being requested purely for Diversity and Inclusion reporting purposes.

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Terms of Use


1.1.If you have any special requirements throughout the recruitment process please contact

1.2.Aer Lingus is committed to equal opportunities at all stages of recruitment and selection. Shortlisting, interviewing and selection will always be carried out without regard to gender, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, marital or civil partnership status, colour, race, nationality, ethnic or national origins, religion or belief, age, pregnancy or maternity leave, trade union membership, community background or member of travelling community.

1.3.Any candidate with a disability will not be excluded unless it is clear that the candidate is unable to perform a duty that is intrinsic to the role, having taken into account reasonable adjustments. Reasonable adjustments to the recruitment process will be made to ensure that no applicant is disadvantaged because of his/her disability.

1.4.Aer Lingus encourage you to complete the Equal Opportunities monitoring form as part of your application. This form assists us in monitoring who is applying for employment with us, our adherence to equal opportunities best practice, and our progress towards identifying any barriers to diversity among our workforce. This form will be separated from your application on receipt and during the recruitment process, but if you are subsequently employed by Aer Lingus then we may retain it on your personnel file. You are not obliged to answer all the questions but the more information you supply,the more effective our monitoring will be.

1.5.All equal opportunities information supplied will be treated in the strictest confidence.


2.1.This website of Aer Lingus ("Aer Lingus") and its content is offered to its users on the condition of their acceptance of the conditions in this disclaimer. When consulting this website, users are deemed to have accepted these conditions.

2.2.Whilst reasonable efforts have been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information in this website, users are strongly urged to confirm important information by email. Aer Lingus cannot be held responsible nor liable for any loss or damage resulting from any information contained in this website. Aer Lingus disclaims all warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy of the information contained in the materials on this website. All use of the information on this website is at the users' own risk.

2.3.The information posted and displayed on the Aer Lingus websites is not fault-free. The information is updated on a regular basis by Aer Lingus and/or its affiliated partners. The information displayed on the website is not contractually binding.

2.4.Save the cases of gross negligence or fraudulent or malice intention, Aer Lingus cannot be held liable for direct, indirect, consequential, special incidental, reliant, punitive or any other damages, or for any lost profits of any kind or nature whatsoever, regardless of the foreseeability thereof arising out of the use of the websites including but notlimited to the inaccessibility of the websites, viruses, denial of services, hacking attacks and computer crimes.

2.5.The usage of Aer Lingus's websites is done at the user's own risks. If the user does not agree with the disclaimer, the exclusive recourse is to stop using the websites.


3.1.Aer Lingus respects the right to privacy of anyone using its recruitment website. All data submitted via the recruitment website will be held securely in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Some demographic data may be retained in anonymous form for statistical reporting.

3.2.Enquiry Forms:

3.2.1.Personal details given via on-line registration and application forms will be used for the purposes of job applications and anonymous statistical reporting. The details you give us will only be used by the Company and third party providers specifically appointed by the Company and will not be shared with or sold to any other commercial companies or organisations.

3.3.Information that you provide in your application form will be used to:

3.3.1.Establish your suitability or otherwise for the vacancy to which you are applying

3.3.2.Verify the accuracy of the information you have provided us (via this website or any other method)

3.3.3.Apply for references to contacts supplied onthe application form

3.3.4.Apply for security clearance to airports or other secure sites on which you may be required to work

3.3.5.Protect the Company from legal action

3.4.Where you have applied for a general or speculative opportunity, or a vacancy marked “Expression of Interest” we will use your information to establish your suitability or otherwise for any vacancy within Aer Lingus whether or not the vacancy has been published on our site. If you are a match to a vacancy to which you have not specifically applied, we will contact you to ensure you wish to progress your application.

3.5.We will keep your information securely and confidentially for up to 12 months

3.6.Your data will be stored by Aer Lingus and third party service providers specifically appointed by Aer Lingus to provide recruitment, verification and security clearance services. All data will be held securely within the EU.

3.7.We may pass your personal data to:

3.7.1.Aer Lingus’ third party recruitment provider(s) for the purpose of recruitment.

3.7.2.Relevant airport authorities and criminal records checking agencies for the purpose of obtaining security clearances to sites where you will be required to work if your application is successful.

3.7.3.Previous employers, educational institutions, personal referees and license issuers that you enter on your application form for the purpose of verifying the accuracy of your data.

3.8.If your application is successful and you become an Employee of Aer Lingus, your information will be used for the following purposes during your employment:

3.8.1.Communicating with you

3.8.2.Administrating your salary, pensions and any other benefits

3.8.3.Understanding your training and development requirements

3.8.4.Assessing your performance

3.8.5.Statutory record keeping

3.9.We will use the contact details you enter on your application form, and any other contact details you may supply to us to remain in contact with you for the purpose of completing the recruitment process, and for arranging and maintaining your employment if your application is successful.

3.10.Aer Lingus and its appointed 3rd parties will not use your personal data to sell or market any products or services to you save those already described above

3.11.For customer website privacy policy please click here:

3.12.We may contact you to request feedback on your application and interview process. 


Any complaint regarding the illegal or abusive usage of Aer Lingus's recruitment websites can be sent to


The Company maintains a log of web server activity to make sure we manage our site effectively, to investigate broken links and to provide statistics. These files contain information such as your computers IP address, what files you have requested and which browser you are using. They do not identify your email address or any other personal data. We may also use 'cookies' to monitor use of our website in order to see which pages you have visited and how long you have spent on them. Cookies are text files that identify your computer on the Company's server. They do not record personal data or identify the individual user. You have the option of setting your browser's preferences to refuse cookies but this may limit the services you can access through our web pages.


As permittedby relevant legislation, the Company employs counter-measures against unwelcome email and web content. All external emails, as well as feedback forms, bulletin board postings and 'chat room' messages, may be monitored and scanned for obscene, indecent or illegal content.


You have the right to request a copy of any personal information about you held by the Company and to have any inaccuracies corrected. Please contact for details.


8.1.The copyright and intellectual property rights of all material held on the Aer Lingus website belongs to the Company and its staff, or have been licensed to the Company or third party providers appointed by the Company.

8.2.The reproduction, publication, distribution or broadcast of the company logo, trademarks and any material contained on this website for any commercial purpose is strictly forbidden without prior permission from the Company. No content may be altered or adapted in any way and permission obtained for its inclusion in any papers or other publications. The reproduction, adaptation or manipulation of the Company logo, crest or any trademark is not allowed without prior consent. Permission may be obtained from the Company for the use of its logo on any documents, papers or reports, other than for official Aer Lingus business. If you wish to use the logo for any reasonable purpose, or link to our site please contact us ( A link to the Company website from a third party web page does not imply any endorsement from the Company for that website and no endorsement is implied by any links from Aer Lingus's web pages to third party sites.


9.1.The utilisation of the website is subject to your unconditional acceptance of the terms and conditions, notices or any other advertisements included in our General Terms and Conditions. On accessing the website, you agree on those General Terms and Conditions without limitation. If one of the hereafter provisions is unenforceable, illegal or invalid it will not in any way affect the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions contained herein.

9.2.Aer Lingus has the right to modify, to adapt from time to time the present General Terms and Conditions without prior notice. The user is invited to consult from time to time the website if these Conditions have been modified. 

9.3.The present website is intended to provide general information about Aer Lingus and its vacancies. Aer Lingus can't be held liable for the accuracy, the correctness, the up-to-dateness, the completeness of the information posted on its websites. Aer Lingus does not guarantee the permanent access to its websites, nor the good functioning of its websites.

9.4.Unless otherwise mentioned, the information posted to its website cannot be regarded as a commercial offer to acquire goods or services or to more generally conclude a contract. If and when goods purchase and/or services provision is expressly foreseen on itswebsite, the user should be aware that these are submitted to specific Terms and Conditions.

9.5.The website can contain hyperlinks to third party websites. They are provided for information purposes only. Aer Lingus cannot be held liable for their content. Furthermore, one cannot deduce from the link to those websites any explicit or implicit collaboration between Aer Lingus and the said third party.

9.6.These websites are not controlled by Aer Lingus and Aer Lingus does not assume any responsibility or liability for any materials available at such linked websites.

9.7.If a user wishes to create a link to Aer Lingus's websites, a request should be presented to the Aer Lingus webmaster (


Spamming is unsolicited mass mailing to private persons. Aer Lingus does not allow the use of its hard or software infrastructure to spam private Internet users.


11.1.The user commits itself to not use Aer Lingus websites for illegal or damaging purposes, to not block, modify access or change the content of the websites for Aer Lingus and/or third parties, to not use Aer Lingus's websites to broadcast viruses or injurious, illegal content or spam.

11.2.Aer Lingus reserves the right to transfer to the component authorities the information related to users who are infringing the national, the European or the International legislation and to suspend the access to its websites.

11.3.The submission of any false information (whether knowingly or unknowingly) by you on your application form may lead to the following:

11.3.1.Disqualification of your application from any recruitment process you may be involved in

11.3.2.You being automatically rejected from any future application by you to any vacancies at Aer Lingus (and any of our Group companies or subsidiaries)

11.3.3.You being prevented from accessing secure work sites necessary for working at Aer Lingus

11.3.4.An offer of employment or training based on your application being withdrawn (whether or not it has already commenced)

11.3.5.Your employment being terminated without notice

11.3.6.Legal action against you where permitted by applicable law

11.4.Correspondence will be by email and telephone and we will use your personal data to facilitate this.

11.5.Due to the seasonal nature of our recruitment, we wish to allow interested applicants to express their interest in specific job roles at Aer Lingus before they become available. We will advertise “expressions of interest” which allow you to enter your details on the website. Expressions of interest will be clearly marked and are not current vacancies. We will only advertise an expression of interest if we reasonably believe we will recruit for these positions in the next 12 months. Applying to an expression of interest allows you to enter into a pool of potential applicants who we will consider immediately when a current vacancy of a similar profile becomes available. When a current vacancy of a similar profile to an expression of interest becomes available, we may automatically consider applicants to the expression of interest, and immediately accept or reject their application. We may also contact you to invite you to make a separate application to a specific vacancy. We cannot guarantee that your application to an expression of interest will mean you will be considered for a specific vacancy. You are invited to check our website regularly and make separate applications to specific vacancies if you believe they are appropriate for you.

11.6.Due to the volume of applications we receive, rejected applicants may receive standard or automated correspondence from us. We endeavor to screen all applications received through this website, however where application volumes are large, or where an application is speculative (i.e. not for a specific vacancy) we reserve the right not to acknowledge your application or its rejection.

11.7.Where an application is rejected before you have reached the interview stage of the recruitment process we will not be obliged to inform you as to the reason for rejection.

11.8.There is no appeal process for a rejected application. However if you have a complaint or query regarding your application please email

11.9.Where an application is rejected at or after interview stage we will not provide feedback unless you request it. To do this please email and type “Feedback request” into the subject line. This feedback may be verbal or written and will contain the specified reason(s) for rejection but will not contain detailed feedback on your interview performance.

11.10.A rejection of your application for a current vacancy does not prevent you from applying to subsequently advertised vacancies unless you have been disqualified through submission of false information. However where you have been rejected from an application you may be inviting disappointment to re-apply within 12 months unless your circumstances have changed (for example you have achieved subsequent additional experience or qualifications).

11.11.This website does not advertise internal vacancies within Aer Lingus and should not be used by existing employees to apply. If you are an existing employee wishing to apply for a job role advertised on this site please email and the recruitment team will advise you whether you are eligible and if so how to apply.

11.12.Some categories of previous Aer Lingus employees may be ineligible to apply for these roles due to receipt of (for example) voluntary severance packages. If you are a previous employee of Aer Lingus and are in any doubt as to your eligibility to re-apply please email  


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